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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I'm originally from a small coal-mining town in Southeastern Kentucky where my Dad worked on the railroad and my Mom stayed at home to raise my sister and me.  My family stressed the importance of education, and I was blessed with wonderful teachers and principals in the public school system. 


While many in my family bleed Kentucky Wildcat blue, I am a Tennessee Volunteer.  I graduated from UT Knoxville and started my career in Memphis soon after.  Dell lured me to Nashville in 2004, where I continued my career in International Trade Compliance.  I lived in Nashville for six years before moving to Washington DC followed by San Francisco.

During that time, I started my own customs compliance consulting firm.  As the company grew, it became clear that I needed to move it out of California.  It was time to come home--back to the Nashville area.  

My husband and I are so excited to call Franklin home.  The rolling hills and winding back roads are peaceful in one sense, but thrilling when you add our motorcycle to the mix.  

In my lifetime, I've lived in areas that have been economically decimated by the death of an industry, as well as cities that have experienced explosive growth and the schools and infrastructure could not keep up to service the population.  The rising housing costs pushed the population further and further out with commutes averaging two hours one way.  We can't let this happen to Williamson County.

Our leaders in Williamson County must do more to make sure that our schools are fully funded.  Holding classes in hallways or expecting the students to eat lunch at 9:45am is inexcusable.  Continuing to add portable classrooms in the current unfortunate era of school violence is at the forefront of parents' minds.  Something is wrong when we live in the most affluent county in Tennessee with the lowest spend per student of the top 10 districts.  

I'm ready to tackle the problem.  That's why I'm running.

Daddy's Girl

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